Tuesday, March 9, 2010


This is our dog Nacho...He is so funny. When I came home to Arizona I knew he would miss me. When I walked in, he was going crazy but wouldnt stop biting my hands. Then when he was in the car he was sitting right next to me but wouldnt look at me. It was like he was too cool or something. I was a little sad because my puppy didnt seem very excited that I was home! Then Jake told me that he was resenting me for leaving him. It took a couple of hours before he was cuddling with me and licking my face again. So I guess it is true, he was resenting me! This is so funny to me that dogs really do have emotions and feelings just like we do.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

so lonely

So I'm in Arizona right now. I'm having a blast with my sisters, mom, and grandma but miss my Jake soo much! Ive never been away from him for this long(5 days) so we are going a bit nuts. My sister, Wendys', Bridal Shower was today and it was sooo nice. We are so happy for her and she found a super nice guy that I will be proud to call my brother-in-law. Her wedding is May 8th.

Change of plans..

So in my last post, I think I was a little ahead of myself. We were looking for a place to live but are still figuring it out. Its on hold in the mean time because were we go, when, and how big a place depends on several things. So if you hear of anything, let us know. But dont get all huffy! People move on in their lives, things change, and we're young so its just bound to happen. I dont get all worked up when other people move so I guess i just didnt expect that for us. So lets just say "nevermind" for now to down play it a little.

Monday, March 1, 2010

moving on

We are currently looking for a new place to live! I am so excited! I love having a new place. It means new decorating. We need to stay in North County, preferably Vista/San Marcos area. A 2 bedroom....somewhere we can stay for a little while. Rent must be very reasonable and affordable for a a married student with a part time working wife. Yes, we are a charity case. If ANYONE knows of a place please please please let us know!