Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Warning: This may make you cry.

Its a long a juicy story but I never get tired of telling it. It could have been a reality TV show at the time...how Jake and I met. Our Story...

I moved to Fallbrook, CA, from Vista when I turned 16. I was nervous about the move and sure enough, didnt like it here at all. Jake was in my same ward at church but a year younger. From what he says now, he had a crush on me from that time on. I never noticed Jake being the oblivious girl that I am. It was going to be 3 whole years before I even noticed him at all.
A couple of years after high school graduation, Jake and I had some mutual friends but other relationships to keep us busy. At age 19, Jake left on his mission to Ecuador. Soon after, I too got a mission call for England. Jake heard this through his mother and began to write me. As odd as I thought it was to get a letter from this Jake Boyer, whom I knew nothing about, I thought he seemed like a nice enough guy and I wrote him back. This began a series of letters that lasted over the next 2 years. We wrote about once a month and I gradualy became more and more excited to hear from him.
Jake had returned home and I still had a few months left in England. He wrote me a letter finally admitting his feelings. I didnt take to this very well since I was still a missionary, and I had also received a similar letter from another young man just the day before. Not to mention my grandmother had died that week too. Can you believe to my stupidity, I told Jake "No thanks" and I went with the other guy!? Being the awesome man that Jake is, he was fine with this and kept writing anyways just as a friend.
I got home and began dating that other guy and Jake as well went his own way. He ended up getting engaged just a couple of months later. We would still talk just as friends but to only find out later that there might have been something deeper the whole time. Jakes engagment as well as my relationship wasnt going as planned. This gave Jake and I something a little more in common. It always felt so good to talk to him. He gave me the support that I needed. With one thing after another, I was growing tired and drained of my relationship with my boyfriend and all I could think about was "I wish he was more like Jake". One day, it hit me, that I actually wanted it to be Jake! But he was engaged! I am such a homewrecker, I thought. Feeling very confused at this point I told Jake how I felt. I was sure he would never want to talk to me again, but to my surprise he felt the same way as I did. He wanted to meet up to talk about it. He's engaged, no way! My mom is "Mrs. do what is right no matter what" so I just asked her what to do. I knew for sure she would tell me NOT to meet up with him. Again, to my surprise she said, "Of coarse you need to go talk to him!" I found out later that both my mom and Jakes mom were secretly plotting to get us together one day. Oh man, was I nervous. He picked me up the next morning. We spent the the next few hours at the beach talking and he took me for sushi. We talked about our current situations, how we were both confused, but we kinda knew what we needed to do. I had learned that Jake as well was on the rocks with his engagment and tried to break up with her the week before. They were still trying to work it out(but really, he didnt want to). As for me, I finally felt ready to end my relationship. It didnt end up in a fairytale like it had started out to be.
Jake dropped me off at home in the afternoon. I was feeling good but still very confused and scared. I didnt want to hurt anybody but I knew I had to. I knelt down and prayed. I asked the Lord if what I was about to do was the right thing. There was no going back. In the middle of my prayer, I got a text. It was from Jake saying, "I need to meet up with you again". He went home from our day and talked to his mom and sister and told them everything. They all decided together that ending his engagment was the best thing. He was so excited, he had to tell me in person. No hesitation, he came right over again and we went for a walk. We both knew and felt it was over and excited about where this might go. We spent the rest of the day together. Went to dinner and a friends house...we had to tell our friend everything. We had to tell SOMEONE! It was a thrill, exciting, and yes very rebeliouse. And no, we didnt kiss.
The next day, I met up with my boyfriend feeling good, but still nervous. I broke up with him and thankfully it was all on a good note. We actually went to the temple together that night. You know usually you go to the temple, with something on your mind, and a question you need answered. When I was there that night, I felt that everything was in the right place, everything was now the way it was supposed to be. As I was driving home, I called jake. He also broke up with his fiance that night and went well like mine had. We met up that night for a late dinner, and yes, he did kiss me this time. Well, really he was talking so much that I had to say,"Shut up and kiss me!"
For the next couple of weeks, we really had to keep our new fire on the downlow. We still didnt want to hurt anyone. Sure enough we couldnt keep it quiet very long and other people found out. Yes, there was a little drama but we wont get into that.
At first I really wasnt sure about Jake. Of coarse I knew I liked him but, remember, he had just called off a wedding. Did I really want to jump into something with him? It didnt take long (about a week, and a much needed weekend away) I decided I was just going to let it go where it wants to go. I wasnt going to be the one to stop it if this was supposed to be something great. As soon as I felt that way, I knew we would get married. The next 3 weeks felt like an eternity until he proposed while we were on a road trip to Arizona. We drove up through Vegas, then back down to Mesa. We stopped at the Las Vegas temple to walk around. About every 5 mintues I was thinking, "This is it...no not it...ok, i think this is it now...ok nevermind". But it was it! It was August, 7th, 2008 and it was so simple and beautiful. In the middle of the night, just the two of us, he knelt down. He had to hold on to me because he was shaking! I was so excited but still nervous. I felt like the whole world was watching me! The only one to tell was the security guard at the temple. He began giving us life and marriage advice, it was kinda funny. Then i began calling whoever I thought would be awake.
We were married Novamber 1st, 2008. Now its over a year later and never have I wondered if I did the right thing. It might have been a little messy, but very worth it. Jake is the best thing that I could ever ask for. We live in Fallbrook, CA in a little studio apartment with our dog Nacho. The story will never be over. This is only the Boyer Beginning.