Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Summer lovin'

It looks like we have a really fun summer ahead of us. Next week i'm going to Arizona for 5 days for my sisters bridal shower. I have NEVER been away from Jake for that long. So we'll see how that goes. Im excited to go but will miss Jake a lot. Then, In May is Jakes birthday. Yes, May 5th, which means he can get into Disneyland for free! Next month I am volunteering for the "Give a day, get a Disney day" and will get my free ticket. We'll be able to both go for free on his birthday. Then just 2 days later we'll we leaving for Arizona again for my sisters wedding(this time Jake comes with). In June is my birthday, and we are seriously considering a mexican cruise. Meaning definatly going(i hope). THEN the next month, for 4th of July we are going to Yosimitie for the week. Camping, river rafting...I am so excited! There's more...in August the Boyers are having a family reunion in Lake Tahoe. It will be my first family reunion since i've been married. So all of this means dieting and working out more. I gotta look good and have a ton of fun this summer because it could be the last before you know what.